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Mr. D

Follows a teacher juggle through being a teacher and deal with his students while trying to maintain his not so cool lifestyle.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Gerry Dee , Michael Volpe

Country: Canada

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - Mr. D
"Gerry Duncan has finally gotten a full time teaching position at the prestigious Xavier academy after years of substituting. Unfortunately he'll be teaching social studies, which he knows nothing about, instead of his dream phys ed job."
"Gerry volunteers for a 24-hour charity event to spend time with Xavier's hot guidance counselor."
"When Gerry sees how many positive reviews Dwyer has on, he embarks on a campaign to match him somehow. Meanwhile, Simon takes Bobbi's advice to stand up to a student but ends up ma..."
"It\u2019s exam time at Xavier Academy and Gerry is convinced that he will catch a few students who are known to cheat on their exams."
"Gerry commits himself to making a video presentation for Bully Awareness Week and finds himself with little time to deliver, while Robert is torn over how he will proceed with a new relationship."
"Gerry organizes a dance fundraiser to cover some costs for the girls basketball team, while Robert reveals to Lisa that he had a dream about Trudy which has made him uncomfortable around her."
"Gerry tries to get a job as a physical education teacher after one opens up; Lisa has troubles with her new student teacher."
"Gerry has trouble finding a guest speaker for career day; Robert tries to avoid the flu."
"Lisa takes over the school\u2019s Quiz Cup academic team, as Bobbi uncomfortably tries to guide her grade 5\u2032s through their health unit. Robert loses his patience with Trudy over her constant practical jokes."
"Gerry helps Bobbi supervise her Grade 5\/6 field trip to the museum, while Jeff and Robert cover his classes back at Xavier."
26 Mar 2012
"Can Gerry score his first win of the basketball season?"
Season 2 - Mr. D
"When Gerry is evaluated by a member of the board, he must go out of his way to prove that he is great at his job, or risk severe punishment."
"Gerry takes a second job but struggles to juggle both. When the school is pressed to cut costs, Robert is forced to cut from Leung's library. When Trudy learns Bobbi can't flirt, she calls her on it."
"Gerry's 'World Religions' unit goes off course when he brings his personal views into the classroom. Trudy and Robert compete to get the best birthday gift for Callaghan. Simon has a crush on a new teacher whom Gerry thinks is a man."
"Gerry concocts a scheme to get his class to go to Boston so that he and Bill can watch a Celtics game."
"Gerry develops a crush on the Scottish mother of one of his most annoying students."
"When Bobbi and her long-term boyfriend Craig break up again, Gerry is there for the rebound... Craig's rebound."
"In gearing up for his big date with Jean McGrory, Gerry is dismissive of Trudy's dating advice."
"Xavier's favourite senior couple, Sean and Miranda ('Searanda'), are on the rocks."
"When Gerry comes across a down and out Daniel Negreanu (poker player), he orchestrates a staff poker night in order to get Daniel back on his feet."
"The staff are involved in an elaborate trust game that accidently reveals some of their darkest secrets."
"It's Culture Day at Xavier and each teacher has been asked to model their classroom after a country."
"Gerry suspects that Dwyer is moonlighting as a stripper and there's only one way to find out for sure."
"Gerry tries to convince Bobbi to give him a senior boys basketball team next season. Robert learns that his year end evaluation came with one complaint."
Season 3 - Mr. D
"When Mr. D has only one opportunity to meet Paul Henderson and have his priceless Team Canada jersey signed, he won't let Xavier Academy's parent teacher night get in the way."
"Gerry decides he's going to make an impression on the runway of Lisa's faculty fashion show. Robert and Leung team up to find the vandal who has been defacing staff pictures."
"When Gerry finds out that Robert is trying to charm Xavier Academy's most generous philanthropist into continuing her support, Gerry decides he's going to show up Robert."
"Gerry is forced to appoint his arch nemesis Mr. Leung as his new assistant coach. His attempts to put Leung in his place as his subordinate end up backfiring."
"It's Food Drive Month at Xavier Academy, and Gerry is determined to make sure he wins the prize for being the teacher with the class that contributes the most food."
"When Gerry is asked to temporarily fill in for an absent phys-ed teacher, he aggressively pursues what he sees as an \"audition\" to make a permanent move into the gymnasium."
"Gerry decides to \"help\" Bobbi with her girls' self defense class, but ends up feeling emasculated when it becomes obvious that she is able to physically dominate him."
"After Gerry has a positive interview for a position with Xavier's main rival school, he attempts to use it as leverage with Principal Callaghan."
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Season 4 - Mr. D
"Gerry gets a chance to coach the varsity basketball team; Trudy gives Lisa a controversial gift; Dwyer suffers a bad day."
"The staff is in rough shape at the morning assembly; the new librarian is revealed."
"Gerry gets involved in the student council election; Robert tries to end a smear campaign; Lisa doesn't get along with the school's librarian."
"Gerry wants to take Callaghan's daughter on a date; Bobbi leads a photo shoot for Xavier's campaign."
"Gerry has a hard time accepting a former student as an adult; Robert tries too hard to connect with a student; Bobbi tries to prove her femininity to Malik."
"Gerry raises money for a down payment to buy his rental; Robert's pride gets in the way; Lisa plans a farewell for the crossing guard."
"Francis visits the school which inspires Gerry in dealing with a student; Simon runs away; Trudy uncovers more of Malik's past."
"Gerri has an encounter with a female police officer; Bobbi tries to end things with Robert; Simon believes he can protect Xavier using science."
"After a run-in with an old fling, Gerry is convinced her daughter is his; Robert gets ready for the 20th reunion of his chess club."
"Gerry meets an attractive woman at Barrel\u2019s and drags Lisa with him to a teacher conference in Atlantic City to find her."
"Gerry's star player is being scouted and he doesn't want to be left out; Robert sells tickets to his play; Malik spreads the love with 20 second hugs."
"Something very strange is happening at Xavier Academy. The day to day goings on of Gerry and the rest of the staff have been completely reversed."
"After winning the city championship, Gerry thinks he'll get Coach of the Year; Callaghan makes an announcement; Frank is determined to help Jimmy find a career."
Season 5 - Mr. D
"Gerry is forced to sub at a tough inner-city school after losing his job at Xavier Academy. Back at Xavier, the staff is worried that Robert is having a nervous breakdown because he didn't get the principal's job."
"Gerry is assigned an educational assistant, Marty, who quickly becomes a new source of irritation in the classroom"
"When Lisa asks Gerry to cover coaching duties for the upcoming wrestling tournament, Gerry promises to bring home two trophies..."
"Gerry hatches a new \"get rich quick\" scheme selling counterfeit One Direction merchandise when he finds out the band is in town. But making countless beaded bracelets at home is tedious work, and Gerry soon realizes he has a whole classroom full of potential unpaid labourers just waiting to be exploited."
"When Gerry is suddenly promoted from sub to full-time teacher, his initial thrill is quickly squashed by the realization that he\u2019s back to real teaching responsibilities."
"When Gerry learns that former Olympic champion Donovan Bailey is coming to town, he's determined to seek retribution for a long-standing bone he has with the track \u201cstar.\u201d"
"Gerry and Simon are both assigned student teachers. Gerry is thrilled to have a minion picking up the slack, while Simon is anxious about the added responsibility. Gerry soon learns that his hands-off approach will not work, as his student teacher, Gloria, is terrified of the students and requires Gerry's presence at all times."
"After Gerry has an unpleasant run-in with a unionized construction worker, he decides he wants to form a teachers union at Xavier. Meanwhile, Robert reads the riot act when Malik skips out early on his janitorial duties; and Lisa is smitten with Trudy's brother."
"Gerry has big weekend plans for a fantasy baseball draft when he's told he has to cover Saturday detention. In an effort to bury the hatchet and come to terms with Lisa's appointment as the new principal, Robert and Lisa have an impromptu heart to heart."
"Gerry's been given another coaching assignment, but this time he's helping Ricki prepare for a fencing tournament, and he couldn't be less interested. In an effort to capitalize on Dwyer's recent divorce, Bobbi invites him over for dinner and attempts to seduce him the only way she knows how. Poorly."
"When he attempts to reign in a bratty student, Gerry is faced with the wrath of his notoriously overprotective and obnoxious mother. Upon realizing that she has fallen into the role of staff \"punching bag,\" Bobbi attempts to transfer the title onto another staff member. Meanwhile, Ricki sells pencils to Robert and drives a hard bargain."
"Gerry accompanies students on a leadership retreat to a nature centre where he meets the beautiful staff member, Jasmine. Lisa finds out that Trudy is running a morbid \u201cdeath pool\u201d gambling ring. And Simon and Frank\u2019s innocent game of rugby spoons takes an ugly turn."
"Gerry is turning forty, and after finding a letter he wrote to himself ten years earlier, he becomes acutely aware of everything he has failed to accomplish. Meanwhile, Simon's ferret goes missing and Lisa wants to impress the chairman of the board of trustees by putting on an elaborate fun fair in his honour, which quickly devolves into a complete disaster."
Season 6 - Mr. D
"Gerry and Lisa attempt to navigate their new reality as a married couple. Meanwhile, Emma's library receives a shipment of e-readers and Nisha attempts to have a pleasant dinner with Simon and his Mom."
"Lisa has second thoughts about the marriage, but Gerry isn't throwing in the towel so quickly. Meanwhile, Robert gives a new treadmill desk a try; and Bobbi's aglow after being called an \"inspiration\" by a former student."
"With Hayden's wealthy father on his deathbed and preparing to bequeth Hayden's favorite staff, Gerry attempts to ingratiate himself to the young student. Meanwhile, Lisa and Robert are named co-principals, shifting the balance of power; and Nisha ruins an innocent children's game."
"Gerry, Simon and Nisha take on various teaching side jobs in an effort to save up for their respective March break getaways."
"Gerry steps into the role of a lifetime and finds himself bitten by the acting bug and reveling in the new-found attention. Bobbi tries a new tactic in order to motivate her lethargic students and Nisha discovers a manipulative teaching technique."
"Gerry takes on the senior girls' volleyball team. But when he realizes their semifinals will be interfering with his all-important social schedule, he sets out to sabotage them at the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Robert needs to increase the 'between class hustle,' and Trudy posts a terrible photo on the allergy wall."
"When Gerry learns of a lurker in the vicinity, he sets out to catch said lurker and earn the Teach of the Month title. Meanwhile, Robert creates a Xavier Academy montage, from which Bobbi is conspicuously lacking, and a new feud develops between Dwyer and Nisha."
"Gerry is blown away by the hotness of the new subs and sets his sights on Mary, the likely love of his life. Meanwhile, Simon and Nisha ready themselves for their big first kiss, and Bobbi attempts a \"kill 'em with kindness\" method for dealing with a difficult student."
"When Gerry hears that a Kickstarter campaign raised a bundle of money for a bullied bus monitor, he sets out to victimize himself in a similar fashion. Meanwhile, Dwyer has a new \"killer\" girlfriend and Bobbi comes to a surprising realization."
"When Gerry isn't given a full-time contract for the following year, he makes a bold move that may change the course of his career. Meanwhile, Lisa attempts in vain to show her appreciation to the staff, and Robert and Bobbi plan for a major shift in the Phys Ed department."
Season 7 - Mr. D
"It's a new school year and Gerry has finally achieved his goal: full-time Phys Ed! But when he finds out how Bobbi's been teaching Phys Ed, Gerry's appalled."
"Lisa, now married to Alex\u2019s father and still reeling from her Xavier departure, sets out to punish the staff by running for the unopposed position of PTA president."
"When Gerry meets a DJ at the gym, he offers her a job at the school dance, but Robert has banned dances and won't budge on his position."
"Gerry suspects Central High of cheating; Bobbi prepares for maternity leave."
"Gerry's dream job takes another hit when he learns that teaching Phys Ed requires more paperwork than he could ever have anticipated."
"After getting pulled into participating in the teacher auction, Gerry finds himself in a compromising situation that may or may not involve calves and oil."
"Gerry learns the meaning of \"Work-to-Rule\" and is immediately in awe of this new and exciting concept. Meanwhile, Lisa attempts to set some much-needed boundaries between herself and her hormonally charged stepson, and Nisha inadvertently reveals a little too much to her students."
"Gerry takes control of the girl's soccer team to get back at Coach Meyers; an ambitious mom seduces Frank; Lisa's reign of terror seemingly comes to an end."
"Gerry's least-favorite student becomes Principal for a Day; a harmless prank goes sour; Bobbi accidentally ruins a student's life."
"Robert hires a security guard after a string of thefts; Robert learns the truth behind his baby's name."
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Season 8 - Mr. D
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